Spirit House: Reconceptualising Restaurant Dining

Spirit House: Reconceptualising Restaurant Dining

Spirit House is an innovative Thai restaurant and cooking school located near Yandina on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia [1]. The restaurant aims to recreate tropical Asia and deliver an authentic and memorable Thai dining experience. A Spirit House is a shrine to Thai animist spirits and is designed to bring peace and prosperity to the homes or businesses they adorn [2]. The restaurant is situated in stunning tropical Asian gardens, adorned with tranquil ponds, a waterlily lake, statutes, secluded courtyards and paths. The restaurant building consists of indoor-outdoor rooms connecting the interior with the external setting; all the furniture, artworks and carvings were sourced from Thailand to enhance and reinforce the Thai dining experience. As Australian Gourmet Traveller [3] describes: “Spirit House shouts “special occasion” from the moment you arrive through its gateway arch.” It has won numerous awards and accolades including three time winner of “Best Restaurant – Sunshine Coast”, a finalist in the “Best Restaurant Queensland” and recipient of the American Express Hall of Fame Award for Tourism Restaurants [4].

In cultivating a dining experience going beyond the menu, Spirit House is an example of “product innovation” [5]. The extent of the experiential component is such that Spirit House could even be classed as a “paradigm innovation” [5]. Specifically, by reconceptualising dining as an element within a broader Thai experience, the restaurant delivers the far more than food – it delivers the experience of an imagined escape to Thailand, a shift that transforms the restaurant to a venue for entertainment and escape.

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