Sweden’s new treetop designer hotel

Sweden’s new treetop designer hotel

Sweden was first with the icehotel, and now a hotel with treetop accommodation is being established. Six architects have been asked to design their visions of treetop room, and they are about to be built in Harads in Northern Sweden. The treetop hotel is close to the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, and the two places will be marketed together, both examples of extreme experiences.

Sleeping in a treetop is something very special, feeling the effects of nature on the body in a new way. The wind, the climate will affect the experience. All huts will be built in wood and they are individual in their design. The rooms are called: The Bird’s nest, The Tree Sauna (it is a sauna), The Blue Cone, The Cabin,  The Mirrorcube, The Ufo, and A Room with a View.

The hotel is inspired by Jonas Selberg Augustén’s film “Trädälskaren”, The Tree Lover. It is about a guy and his friends who travel back to rural Nordbotten from the congested Stockholm. The film is a warm and humouristic search for meaning in life and a search for a new understanding of nature.  Accordingly, the hotels is not only part of a global rebellion against anonymous hotels, but also an emotionally related issue for the Swedish. There is significant interest in the hotel from both Swedish guests and foreigners.

The homepage of the hotel gives a visual and audio impression of the place.

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