Telling city history on location

Telling city history on location

Nevada City in California is a small city characterized by it’s historical buildings hailing from a glamorous era during the gold rush. Many of these historical buildings and environments are preserved. These preserved properties are a major resource for the town. The town’s shop and restaurant keeper work together with historians to create an interest in the particularities of heritage, and at the same time to lead visitors to their businesses.

Residents and tourists can stroll into history by taking a walking tour of the Windows on History exhibit where 47 mural size historical photographs taken between 1850 and 1920 will be on display. These photos will be placed in windows at their original historic downtown location along with stories that bring them to life.

The project has engaged the local people in storytelling, and created a higher recognition of the importance of their history. It is a cheap, easy and flexible mode of interpretation, if there are no museums and other institutions to do this job.

Nevada celebrates its heritage every year with a “Miners’ day”.

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