The scattered hotel – a solution to rural depopulation

The scattered hotel – a solution to rural depopulation

In Italy, villages and remote areas are being depopulated these years. Young people go to the cities ot seek education and jobs. Left behind is the older part of the population – and a surplus of property. Friuli Venezia Giulia, a hilly and beautiful region in Italy’s northeast,  has a solution to this: The scattered hotel – albergo diffuso.

Ther are plenty of accommodation available in the small villages. They are run by an organisation that ensures the management and marketing.

“Local communes take 10-year leases on the properties, renovate them, rent them out to tourists, and hand them back to the owners at the end of the term. Everyone gains: the villages can put up more tourists; visitors can enjoy hotel-standard comforts at a budget price, and the owners have their second homes done up free of charge.”, as it is stated in an article in the Independent.

The region collaborates with similar areas in Slovenia and Austria in order to ensure a more holitistic exaperience for the visitor.

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