The Spirit to Serve – The Case of Marriott Hotels

The Spirit to Serve – The Case of Marriott Hotels

The Marriott International works together with non-profit organizations such as Red Cross and Children’s Miracle Network. They want to give something back to the communities where they do business. Part of Marriott’s philosophy is also to encourage employees, visitors and business partners to involve themselves in making a differences for the local communities. To raise money, they have chosen to involve all parties in the planning of different events that benefit all kinds of non-profit organizations in the local communities. However, it is not only financial support, but a contribution of time and love and. See other ways to help

Marriott International believes that there are 3 reasons for practising Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • Good for business. Positive public image, improve customer loyalty, nurture the relations with the local community.
  • Make a positive difference. Emotional benefits of volunteer work, and visible changes in the local community.
  • Associate recognition. Encourage employees to engage, by giving incentives.

For further information, watch the following video:

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