Therapeutic hotel rooms

Therapeutic hotel rooms

Luxury hotel Gotha Towers in Gothenburg, Sweden, has developed a new type of hotel room. This so-called Relaxation room is a place of  well-being which blends sound, lighting and purified air. The customer is able to select exactly which atmosphere is in the room by way of a few taps on a touch screen.

The Hotel addresses the needs of modern business people for whom the room is a home away from home. It integrates ideas from spa and wellness to be enjoyed not on a joint facility, but in privacy.

Therapy – thinking about the feather. Photo by Delicjardin

The innovative features of the Relaxing Rooms were developed by Swedish light provider Avelution. The options include a number of themes for going to sleep and waking up, where light and sound fade away, simulating for instance a sunset in the country. The system also allows the guest to connect his or her own MP3 player. Thus is it is possible to generate a light show in sync with one own preferred music.

The company Avelution is specialized in lightening and sounds for spa and wellness. It works with the latest LED technology. For example the firm has developed a “Relaxing Pod” – a therapeutic experience room, which can be implemented in spas and wellness centres. After 15 minutes in the room, the user are claimed to be happier, more relaxed and better able to address the tasks and troubles of everyday life.

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