Trails – a GPS-app for tracking outdoor adventures

Trails – a GPS-app for tracking outdoor adventures

Self-tracking is a new trend in connection with outdoor activities, and a range of mobile applications are emerging for performance tracking and navigation. ”Trails” is one of them in a rapidly developing market.

The “Trails” allows the users to record their own tracks, when hiking, jogging, driving, or biking. There is a need for a signal to use the feature. The recoding takes place on maps that are loaded once, so that they can be seen later without internet connection. There is a recording of altitude, and the facility gives information about the current speed, distance and duration of the track.

It is possible for users export their tracks and import other people’s tracks. Hereby they can recall their past performance and ensure the recording of good outdoor adventures. And they can share their experience with others. Import tracks are found by searching on popular GPS websites such as and where it is possible to find hikes and jogs of other users. Likewise the Trails users can upload their trails for others to see directly.

It is also possible to view the recordings (live or later) on an OpenStreetMap that includes a lot of additional practical and touristic information such as hotels, ski lifts, ATMs. The system allows the user to switch between road and topographic maps.
The user of Trails can edit the tracks with a simple tap on the map where it is possible delete and label any recorded waypoint.

Trails allows integration with Flickr, and the user can tag photos to particular locations. It is available in more languages.

Felix Lamouroux developed Trails, which is under continuous improvement and expansion.

Video demonstration is available on Youtube.

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