Travel agency for dogs

Travel agency for dogs

Dog owners often have problems to find holiday accommodation where they can bring their animal, and travelling in public transport with a dog can also raise trouble. The British travel agency “Chien Bleu “  was created by an entrepreneur, who was desperate for proper facilities and services for herself and her dog.

The business concept is the follwoing: We’ve done all of the hard work for you. At Chien Bleu, we know first-hand that dog-friendly is often anything but. Personally putting countless places to the test, we’ve sought out those that are truly worthy of the title. Being truly welcoming to dogs is not enough. With exceedingly high standards, the service and surroundings must also be of the highest quality to be included in our portfolio”.

Luxury is a key word – for the traveler as well as for the dog. “Our extensive knowledge and insight. Working only with the best, we also understand that the best has many guises and means many different things to many different people. Having personally stayed at each hotel, inn or cottage we work with and having immense attention for detail, we are able to find for you the place that offers the magic and luxury that delights you most.”

Chien Blue attemps to build personal customer relations, and finds it important for the enjoyment and for the thriving of the business. This is how the entrepreneur sees it: “Personal service. At Chien Bleu, we work with each and every client on an individual basis, listening to understand what defines your perfect trip and then not stopping until we’ve found a place which fits your definition. Whether related to the comfort of your pup or ensuring your complete contentment and relaxation, we consider no request to be too big or too small.”

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