Tropical Tree Climbing takes adventure tourism to new heights

Tropical Tree Climbing takes adventure tourism to new heights

Tropical Tree Climbing, located in the Amazon jungle in Brazil, offer expeditions that take adventurers 50 miles down the mighty Negro River, up to 200 feet into the canopy of the rainforest, and exploring along the forest floor.

This expeditions are offered selectively each year to allow participants to explore the jungle from a perspective that very few have experienced – perched above the world’s largest forest.

Tropical Tree Climbing’s mission is to provide visitors with a truly exciting and low impact adventure travel experience. The company’s objective is to protect, connect, explore and bring awareness on a deeper level to the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.

A modest team, including Tree Climbers International Master Instructor, Tim Kovar, will join native guides who have a keen eye for spotting wildlife hidden within this unique ecosystem. All senses will be engaged as participants view giant emergent trees towering over the canopy, colorful birds flying overhead, pink dolphins frolicking in the waters, and monkeys swing along the branches.

About Tropical Tree Climbing

Tropical Tree Climbing was conceived when Leonide Principe took his first tree climbing lessons in 1995 while on scientific expeditions focused on photographing Amazonian epiphytes for the “Aerial Plants of the Amazon” project, which was supported and sponsored by the Department of Culture of the Government of the Amazon State of Brazil. From that moment, Leo knew he wanted to do something with the knowledge acquired from those early experiences. In 1998, Leo and his wife, Vanessa, bought 270 hectares of virgin rainforest in northern Brazil and began to build Tropical Tree Climbing. In 2007 they partnered with Tim Kovar, master instructor for Tree CIimbers International and founder of Tree Climbing Northwest, to begin their recreational tree climbing education. Since then, Tropical Tree Climbing has been operating in the Amazon region, taking our customers closer to nature, an experience that allows them to sense a deep connection with the Amazon rainforest.

For over 15 years, TCI master instructor Tim Kovar has been climbing trees in the remote jungles of the world. Tim has taught tree climbing to canopy researchers worldwide, including those who study birds in Indonesia, primate nest building in Uganda, and climate in the redwoods of California. He was also the personal tree climbing instructor to Richard Preston, author of New York Times bestseller, The Wild Trees. Tim has worked with film crews in the treetops of Costa Rica, canopy researchers in Taiwan, tree preservationists in Japan, environmental educators in the Amazon, eco-tour operators in Indonesia, and herpetologists in India. He has also led tropical tree climbing expeditions into India, Central and South America, and into the tallest trees on earth in the Pacific Northwest.
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