Using new technology behind scenes – “Sensing” accommodation

Using new technology behind scenes – “Sensing” accommodation

Villas of Vuokatin Aateli ( are situated in Vuokatti tourism destination in eastern Finland. Vuokatin Aateli is concentrating on offering high quality accommodation in villas and apartments. The business has altogether over 20 villas which size alters from 21 to 200 square metres.

All the villas and apartments are named by using royal titles (e.g. Duchess and Earl). There are stories behind each name and the stories are some way connected to Finnish or regional history. The Vuokatin Aateli owns also unique Aateli Island which is an island in the middle of Lake Nuasjärvi with views of the scenery of Vuokatti. One can get to the island by Vuokatin Aateli’s own vessels.  It is also possible to arrive by own aircraft or helicopter (heliport on the island) or by own sailboat.

The company is using latest technology in their luxury villas. This includes e.g. carbon dioxide measuring in order to automatically modify the air-conditioning of different rooms to keep the oxygen level optimal for customers. Apartments and villas are also monitored from distance. The manager can e.g. help if the customer has problems with some equipment. In addition, the system will give an alarm to entrepreneur if customer has forgotten to close a tab before leaving or if a window has been left open during winter causing temperature trop. These kinds of systems help the entrepreneur to monitor the quality and keep the accommodations in good shape for next customers.

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