Facilitating walking and hiking is an area of intense innovation activity. In many national parks, in nature  areas, along beaches, in forests etc, architecturally and aesthetically adapted structures are set up to make it easier for everyone to enjoy, including people with disabilities.

The bridge across L’Areuse in Switzerland is one many examples. The bridge across the river is for pedestrians. It is has a bended structure vertically and horizontally to make it fit into the natural environment, and at the same time provide experience. The material light and fitted to the forest, and yet is sits as a sculpture in the landscape. Design is by GeninascaDelefortrie SA Architectes FAS SIA, Neuchâtel

Other examples on walkscapes in www.stedettaeller.dk

Theory on walkscapes: Careri, F. (2002). Walkscapes. Walking as an aestetic practice. Barcelona: Gustavo Gili.


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