We try harder – We drive greener

We try harder – We drive greener

Avis Europe is one of the leading car rental companies in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

In 2002, Avis Europe launched a programme in order to reduce its carbon dioxide release. As one of the first industries, the company established a partnership with Future Forests, which plants trees for the company to help prevent climate change.

The partnership include a three-point green plan which consists of:

  • a carbon neutral initiative to offset their Co2 emmisions through Future Forests´ tree planting programmes
  • the worlds first carbon neutral car rentals for online customers
  • a target to reduce their operational CO2 emissions from 2003

Lesley Colyer, Group Personnel and Corporate Affairs Director states:
‘Avis is the world’s first car rental company to take such a leadership position on carbon responsibility, and it’s generated valuable interest amongst customers, shareholders, the media and staff. The programme gives us local PR opportunities and is a foundation stone for our approach to CSR’

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