When travel booking begins with when and not where

When travel booking begins with when and not where

A Hungarian travel site, Joobili, ask their customers when they want to go on a holiday instead of where. They believe that timing is everything and think that the question of “where to go” is best answered with “when to go”. Most travel websites assume that people know where they want to go and what they want to experience. In contrast Joobili believes that offering you information on what a destination can offer in certain periods is much more valuable since destinations are constantly changing and every day brings a new experience.

Therefore they ask users when they want to schedule a trip, and then offer information about festivals, parties, sports-events and other travel-worthy happenings across Europe.

It is a new way of booking travels since their approach puts choice of activities and events before choice of destination.

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Or go to Joobili.com for more information

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