Niche tourism is not necessarily hyper relaxed tourism. Many tourists strive to be active, and some of them even giving back to their host communities. “WWOOFing” is a way of experiencing rural hospitality while working with the proprietors and other tourists on organic farms. It is enjoyable and responsible tourism.

WWOOF – World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms – or is an organization that is represented in most parts of the world. It provides cheap holiday opportunities, the deal being that tourists give a hand in agricultural work. It is a gap year opportunity, but also increasingly an option for other people who want to explore the globe in a less standard way.

Atlantisya in Portugal in one of the farm properties part of WWOOF, offering volunteering opportunities. It is claimed to be an “Ecological Center for Innovative Ways of Living”. The place is ambitious in terms of benefits for the owner as well as for the visitors  – and the Planet: “The biotope paradise and holistic center for teachings, retreats and workshops. Fruit forests are being established, as well as the creation of the first ecological central house building and many more exciting projects. The lifestyle of Atlantisya is an experiment of living as much a possible self-sustainable, ecological, organic and in harmony with all there is. The core Vision Manifest of Atlantisya is that we are all co-creators, co-leaders and co-owners, creating the upmost harmonious life for any human being for Atlantisya as well as for all the humans and the Planet Earth.“

The owners find that their place is co-creation space, and volunteers contribute to the development of it as well as the development of themselves.


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