Youth labour mobility and the disseminating of innovation

Youth labour mobility and the disseminating of innovation

Adventure tourism is depending on weather and climate. Blumberg (2008) explains who tourist products and innovation circulate across different geographical scales – from the Northern to the Southern hemisphere and vice versa. And she describes how mobility of entrepreneurs and employees help the dissemination process of innovations. (Blumberg, K. (2008). Internationalisation of adventure tourism: the mobility of people, products and innovations. In Coles, T. & Hall, M. (Eds).: International Business and Tourism. London: Routledge. 167-180.

The case is Queenstown, New Zealand, and Interlake, Switzerland. Bungee jumping is supposedly invented in New Zealand in the 1980’ties. It was brought to Europe much later, by entrepreneurs who worked in the business, and came back to Europe with the invention, first to be implemented in Interlaken. Zorbing – another invention – also travelled over the continents as part of the adventure tourism mobility, that is an ingredient in youth lifestyle.

Blumberg describes the emergence of a full-time, year-round professional labour market that link Queenstown and Interlaken together. The staff – skiing, rafting, jumping, climbing instructers –  can follow the seasons across the hemispheres. The migration of innovations go with this highly flexibility labour market and community of professionals.

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