Zero star hotel

Zero star hotel

The no-frills zero star hotel in Sevelen outside Zürich, Switzerland, attracted quite some attention for creative thinking. Turning disadvantages to advantages is crucial. Consider the following:

  • The place is located in a converted nuclear bunker, under the earth, no windows, no real views. A range of monitors in the reception area shows webcam pictures from outside the place.
  • Beds are second-hand (“antique”) from a derelict hotel.
  • Complimentary slippers are provided for walking across the icy concrete floors
  • Guest will be given a pair of earplug to help blot out the noise from the ventilation system
  • The heating system is insufficient, and the guests get hot water bottles for the beds.

The two entrepreneurs consider their hotel as a living piece of art. The hotel concept is a comment to life modes, outdated cold war concepts and the tourism in the modern world. The hotel has bookings several years ahead.

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