Welcome to Innotour

Welcome to Innotour

INNOTOUR is a WEB 2.0 platform for education, research and business development in tourism. It is dedicated to innovation. INNOTOUR is an experimental meeting place for academics, students and enterprises. Launched in 2009, INNOTOUR is based on content created by the users.

In a wider perspective, the platform and associated research are considered to be of importance for the continuous amendment of innovation and competition policies for the tourism sector as well as to facilitate international interaction and knowledge dissemination. New educational and scientific collaborative practices are developed to build interdisciplinary bridges between international campuses. INNOTOUR introduces a culture of creativity that is tolerant of failure in order to encourage students and researchers to question established ideas, to go beyond conventional knowledge, and strive towards originality. INNOTOUR is an inviting structure open to students, researchers and business users from all over the world. Joins us, share your experience and learn from others!

INNOTOUR is created by the Centre for Tourism, Innovation and Culture, University of Southern Denmark.


Professor Janne Liburd.

Professor and CEO Anne-Mette Hjalager.

Web developer Jesper Mejrup.

INNOTOUR is financed by the University of Southern Denmark, the EU and the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation